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Ready solutions

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Restaurant bot «Barashki»

📲 open

It has two user interfaces for the restaurant customers and management
Development period: 15 days

  • View the entire main menu of the restaurant;
  • View the building interior in the Gallery section;
  • Book a table;
  • Order food delivery to the certain address;
  • Contact the restaurant employee using the section «Contacts»;
    moreover, you can recommend the customers in this section
    add the possibility to contact the restaurant representative
    through the working Telegram profile (@username)
  • Displaying the entire menu and interior of the restaurant
  • Table booking
  • Food delivery
  • Booking and delivery order administration
  • Editing data of «Menu», «Gallery» and «Contacts» sections;
  • Monitoring the booking archive;
  • Monitoring the delivery archive;
  • Change the bot administrating account log-in password in «Settings» section;
    Here, it’s possible to add such options as setting the distribution
    of some news to all the bot users, and everything like that.

Cryptoplatform bot «Bitzlato»

📲 open

Exchanges Bitcoin and fiat money cryptocurrencies, and has a free wallet
Development period: up to 20 days

  • Purchase/sell BTC and fiat
  • Intrabot wallet option
  • Possibility to receive the BTC cheque and the report/statement
  • BTC/RUB exchange option (the bot automatically acts as the bargain warranter)
  • Actual/current BTC exchange rate
  • Performance of transactions right inside the bot
  • Transaction under the wallet also take place inside the bot
  • All cheques/statements are generated in Excel format
  • At purchase/sales, the bot shows the actual bank exchange rate

Stomatology bot «Stomaservice»

📲 open

Service selection and possibility of operative booking right inside the bot
Development period: up to 5-10 days

  • Provides the wide range of services
  • Contains information about the clinic
  • Books a visit to the doctor
  • Option of work feedback
  • Service scroll menu
  • The contact section has a landmark
  • Booking enables the customer to select a procedure from the service list
  • Possibility to select the date and time of the visit in the in-built calendar

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