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Do you want to receive orders more often?
Are you looking for an efficient advertising method?
You can achieve this using a chat bot

We attract customers using tools of Google Ads or Yandex Direct contextual advertising

Retaining and return of potential leads is performed via the chat bots in Telegram messenger

We implement the following marketing mechanics

Develop a chat bot
in Telegram
for you

Launch target contextual advertising right to the bot in the messenger

The bot will be programmed for:
full or partial duplication of the information functional, web site tabs, sections
reminding of itself every 3-4 days with interesting facts, subject topics, events and just with native/natural reminders

We are installing on a web site a script informing the users about the bot presence

As known, the first marketing touch gives no expected results. In other words, 70-80% of people will neither order nor use anything on the web site after the first visit. Using the chat bot in Telegram, you will receive the repeat return of already interested leads who will address you for consultation or service order with the higher probability already

Our guarantees

We make the detailed terms of reference,
and enter into the
NDA agreement, if required

All rights to the bot
go to the customer

We deliver the entire source
code to the customer